CP8000 Slip-form Concrete Paver performed well in plateau

Time: 2019-06-26
Summary: Slip-form Concrete Paver Concrete Paver

                            CP8000 Slip-form Concrete Paver performed well in plateau

    IKOM CP8000 Slip-form Concrete Paver has performed well in rural highway construction in Changdukaro District,Changdu, located in the eastern part of Tibet Autonomous Region and the upper reaches of Lancang River, is the east gate of Tibet Autonomous Region. Located at the throat of the border between Tibet and Sichuan, Qinghai and Yunnan provinces, it is the necessary place for Sichuan-Tibet Highway and Yunnan-Tibet Highway as well as the important place of "Tea-Horse Ancient Road". It is in the pivotal position of commercial and trade exchanges and is known as "Pearl of East Tibet".

    The fully hydraulic slip-mode cement paver is produced by IKOM. Its model is CP8000, its paving width is 4.25-8 meters. It has automatic driving and leveling control system. It can complete the paving of concrete, planting reinforcing bar, scraping, vibration tamping, tamping and extrusion moulding of pavement at one time. The equipment came into operation on August 20 and started construction on August 23. The pavement of the first phase of the project, from Bird East Village to Jiangwei Village, was fully completed on October 16. The construction period of the project is 55 days.

    The project presents three distinct characteristics: first, the high altitude, with an average altitude of 3800-4100 meters; second, the slope is large; third, there are many turning places. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the project, IKOM has made special improvements to the equipment involved in the construction. In view of the fact that the equipment is constructed at high altitude, the air is relatively thin, which will inevitably affect the power of the engine. Engineers have spent a lot of time on the configuration and selection of engines. They use Volvo TAD852VE high-power High-pressure Common Rail + turbocharged engine to solve the problem of power decline in high altitude areas. For the poor local oil products, it may cause some damage to the engine, and then affect the stable operation of the engine. Experienced engineers of IKOM have improved the filter system of engine oil, increased the filter device, and ensured the accuracy of oil products. In addition, the company has greatly improved the paver quality control system and hydraulic system performance, so that the stability and reliability of the machine has been significantly improved.

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