A brief history of the development of asphalt distribuor

Time: 2019-06-18
Summary: asphalt distribuor
The world's first sprinkling cart was invented in 1898, a towed sprinkling cart pulled by a horse, a little later than the invention of Daimler 1.
That is to say, asphalt sprinklers were produced and used before automobiles were mass-produced. Road technology development before the development of cars, ready for the use of large Numbers of cars.
China's asphalt sprinkling car was born in the middle of 1960s, which was produced by Chen zhu under the ministry of communications. It is the first asphalt sprinkling car in China. The chassis used at the beginning was the first-generation truck CA10 produced by changchun no.1 automobile factory, the eldest son of republic automobile industry. This model of truck has a long history in China. The same sprinkler car continued to be produced for nearly 30 years without much progress in the whole process. Until the second automobile factory of China was completed and put into production, the dongfeng truck of EQ140 was produced, and there was a new choice for the chassis of sprinklers, so there was the second generation of sprinklers.
In order to meet the demand of road construction, especially the requirement of the construction of high grade pavement, there appeared the quantitative sprinkling cart, that is, the third generation sprinkling cart.
After years of practice and cooperation with construction and application departments, IKOM has successfully developed the fourth-generation asphalt spitter with better construction performance and economic performance. Single machine, one-button control, highly integrated system, touch screen interaction of the whole process, IKOM products give you a comfortable construction environment. With lower labor cost, lower maintenance cost and higher construction quality, IKOM products bring higher construction profits.

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