How does asphalt distributor work

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Time: 2014-06-25
Summary: How does asphalt distributor work
Asphalt distributor role in the process in the cab of the vehicle LCD screen can display various parameters, such as speed, distance operation, oil temperature, the asphalt temperature and alarm in the event of unusual circumstances, such as super speed Limit, oil level anomalies, abnormal amount of residual bitumen, asphalt distributor for easy operator control of the vehicle information to ensure precise control spread quantities. The chassis of the starting system into the operating system, not only by the driving circuit of the pitch valve and nozzle, but also for the management of the purge after the spraying of asphalt complete. Using thermal oil as the heat conduction medium heat asphalt wearing. Conducting oil from the oil furnace heating, asphalt tank through the U-shaped pipe heating asphalt bitumen tank, changed the traditional fire-tube heat aging asphalt bitumen easy to make the drawbacks. Circulation of asphalt bitumen pipeline through composite pipe insulation to ensure liquidity in the best pitch. On the spray bar nozzles heated, changing the traditional asphalt distributor in spray nozzle with a blowtorch before baking, spray shortcomings diesel after cleaning.

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