Synchronous chip seal layer technology with a strong waterproof

Time: 2014-05-12
Summary: Synchronous chip seal layer technology with a strong waterproof

Synchronous pavement surface is the use of synchronous pavement surface vehicles will be sprayed asphalt binder and aggregate spreading the same time , combined with asphalt fullest contact between the material and aggregate to reach the maximum between them bond degrees.

Compared with ordinary chip seal , synchronous chip sealer spray adhesive and shorten the time interval between the aggregate spreader so that aggregate particles can better implant binder to get more the wrap covered area . It is easier to ensure the stability of the ratio between the binder and chippings , improve operational productivity , reduce the mechanical configuration, reducing the construction cost.

After synchronization asphalt chip seal layer , has better performance slip and impervious to water , and can effectively cure the pavement lean , out grain , slight net crack, rutting , subsidence and other hazards . Whether or ordinary highway road , you can use this technology .

Synchronous chip seal layer technology with a strong waterproof , high skid resistance , and has a good performance processing pavement cracks , in the absence of aggregate loss , the performance of the road to ensure the conservation of 7-10 years .

Synchronous pavement surface vehicles used for: highway pavement under seal layer on the sealing layer construction , old construction Pavement wear layer , the layer of asphalt pavement construction shop law were spilled bitumen macadam special circumstances ( Caesar ) cloth and so on.

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